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  There are more than people living on our planet. No matter if you were born into a Christian, Jewish or a Muslim home, we are all born equal, and we believe that our human goals are pretty much the same. Most of us belong to some religious group and we all strive to find our place in our community and to take an active part on its life and actions.

To help each one of us, we have built this site to help you to find a community with similar religious background as the one of yours. If your community is not listed, please Add your community and let your friends know about it.

If you travel around the world, or just make holidays in the neighbouring town or village, you often end up in a place which is not familiar to you. In these places we want to help you find the meetings, worships, services or masses (or whatever you may call it) of your very own kind.

Please, be welcomed on our pages. Treat others with respect and dignity, no matter where they come from.
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